Course Perspective & Outline

Such a field pertains to designing building structures and how the versatile combination of architecture, engineering and technology cast a great impact upon it. The field is typically a residential design one either as a standalone home or a large residential building complex but then agricultural layouts, decorative shades for mega building structures and commercial units are also covered under this.

The course is best suited for architects and structural engineers and while carrying out planning, designing and looking after building construction, they rely upon the blueprint and schematic designs showcasing possible interiors and exteriors. The topic would unravel how a thorough workable drawings are secured which are at par with the standard building norms and any applicable regulatory guidelines and also how to identify premium materials and to look after their use. Besides, the course has topics which would provide sufficient understanding about the appointment of adept contractors and how to inspect sites and to look after the construction processes thereby.

Working closely with clients, the building designers resolve the formers’ requirements into a set of instructions for the construction a building.

Primary Tasks in Building Design

Initial Sketching

Creating Schematic Designs

Materials Selection

Supervising Construction Work

Compiling with building codes

Hence, the course sheds complete light upon how to complement with clients and the proficient building designers can cater to the rising demands from the former with a few guidelines while a structure is being constructed.

Possible Career Breakthroughs:

Accomplished building designers are widely sought after by the construction companies while scores of our students have already set up independent designing service agencies. Hence, there is a great scope for candidates becoming self-employed designers.

Central Role Of CAD:

With a set of prolific CAD tools, we can design home designs, remodeling, interior designs and can also accomplish designing layouts for kitchen and bathrooms. Further, by relying upon CAD, designing, estimation and management of building structures becomes far easier and when BIM (Building Information Modeling) is taken inline, professionals can seek vivid graphical descriptions
about their designs and can get them stimulated for perfection and analysis. Significantly, with CAD on your side, it is simply a cakewalk to locate flaws and to diagnose critical issues therein.

At Wizcrafter, we offer a range of courses such as the foundation and certificate ones in building design CAD/ BIM software, such as the following:

At Wizcrafter, scores of courses are offered which are a perfect blend of CAD/BIM software and building design concepts are widely discussed in details alongside the express project management gems that are also imparted during the course study. Likewise, such an integrated software simply nurtures youngsters to be job ready while professionals can simply experience productivity improvement. We impart following types of courses in building designs:

Building Design CAD Software Courses

PG Diploma in Building Structure Design:

Such a training program is enabled to impart skill training which is needed during significant stages of architectural and engineering processes. The candidates are given a feel of supreme expertise to manage tasks related to surveying, 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, landscaping, in-depth evaluations and in explicit management of project planning.

Master Diploma in Building Design Architecture:

The course is formulated to give candidates full-fledged light about building design and they would emerge as the creative professionals who would describe designs to scores of stakeholders, while the prowess in 3D Modelling, Building Information Modeling and Project Planning Management is also gained. Advanced array of modern tools are described, during the training

Competent Professional In Building Design:

The integrated course is designed to give youngsters a feel about the drafting and modelling and of tools evaluation which are widely put in use during building design. The course includes all of the top needs which civil engineers and architects largely need.

Premium Diploma in Building Design:

Such a course of diploma in Building Design comprise of tools which are essential for students to carry out visualization and presentation tasks and which are laid a great emphasis upon during building design.

Preliminary Requirements:

Such courses are around 40hours of duration and such are apt for those candidates who pursue diploma or degree programs in building design or who study architecture or civil engineering. To gather more about the course, simply visit our centre and discuss with our job assistant team or centre head.

Job Roles/ Responsibilities And Occupational Reputation:

On successful completion of this course, candidates are largely absorbed as Building Designer or Architectural Designer or Structural CAD Designer or BIM Designer or as an accomplished Interior Designer.

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