Course Outline:

STAAD spells for Structural Analysis And Design but it is an integrated software which is widely utilized for analyzing and designing civil structures, such as bridges, building structures, towers, transportation, industrial and utility layouts and so forth. Such designs invariably comprise of structures such as culverts, petrochemical plants, integrated tunnels, piles and to manipulate building structures such as steel, concrete, timber, aluminum and steel of cold form among other things.
STAAD.Pro prepares groundwork for structural engineers for the automation of their tasks in a simplified way while sidelining complicated and lengthy procedures which may traditionally be in place when things are managed manually.


Curriulum Outline:

At Wizcrafter, our premium training in STAAD.Pro simply covers all of the essential procedures which are put in defining structural analysis and for the design of concrete and steel.
Our acclaimed instructors simply provides better understanding about various features of STAAD. Pro, such as its friendly and easy to use user-interface, visualization tools, strong analysis and design engines that are backed by advanced finite element (FEM) and other specialized analysis competencies.

Superior Model Generation:

We enable students to design interactive and menu centric models by managing simultaneous 3D display, by involving 2D and 3D graphic generation by making best use of rectangular or polar coordinates systems, Segments of repetitive geometry which is utilized to generate complex structural models,

Superior Model Generation:

Superior Model Generation

Superior Model Generation:

Efficient Model Verification:

Our students gain proficiency in making 2D / 3D designs on screen and also on plotter / printer, to design full-fledged 3D shapes for frames, elements Isometric and for any other rotations for a seeking complete 3D viewing and manipulation.

Efficient Model Verification:

Detailed Static Analysis:

We provide outstanding training in 2D /3D analysis which is based upon globally renowned Matrix method in order to diligently manage large job. Linear, p-delta analysis, non linear analysis alongside automated load and stiffness correction among other factors,

Detailed Static Analysis


We also enable mass modelling, drawing frequency and mode shapes, Response spectrum, ensuring time history analysis, Model damping ratio for individual model among other factors,

training for finite elements capabilities, for ensuring steel design, concrete design and to manage timber design


Our trainers provide explicit training for finite elements capabilities, for ensuring steel design, concrete design and to manage timber design. We also ensure maximum and minimum enforce envelopes among other things.
Course Will Sharpen Knowledge and Skills To:
 To build object-oriented intuitive 2D/ 3D graphical models,
 To manage pull down menus, floating toolbars, tool tip helps and so forth,
 To accomplish flexible zoom and other multiple views,
 To align with isometric and perspective views and to manage 3 D shapes,
 To use and manage built-in command file editor and other necessary command language,
 To secure graphics and text inputs and to manage them properly,
 To manage algorithms in order to enable minimal disk space needs,
 To draw out presentation quality printer plots of geometry and relevant outcome as part of run output,
 To precisely accomplish numerically efficient plate/shell element which aligns out-of-place shear and in-plane rotation, element mesh generation in automated manner, ascertaining comprehensive element stress output which includes in-plane stresses, out-of-plane shear, bending and principal stresses at nodal centres and also at points as mentioned by users,
 Students would learn how to secure customized design parameters as specified by users,
 We shall train to carry out perform check, member selection and to enhance member selection by making best use of analysis and design cycles,
 To enable students to design concrete beams/ columns/ slabs/foot ways but according to prevalent global standards…