A sneak-peak into AutoCAD 2021

Autodesk release AutoCAD 2021 update with new google drive incorporation.


The latest version of AutoCAD 2021 with useful updates is finally here! Loaded with exciting new features, AutoCAD 2021 promises significant automation and a boost to user productivity including the new incorporation with google drive.


A subscription to AutoCAD including specialized tool-sets provides access to seven industry-oriented toolsets, including Electrical, Architecture etc. With use of such toolsets, a user can automate a multitude of tasks and processes, doing away with manual repetitive work and minimizing human error. This can help an industry save hours, sometimes even days’ worth of valuable time. For more, check out this link: Productivity studies


Autodesk release AutoCAD 2021

AutoCAD offers modern web and mobile applications free of cost with an AutoCAD subscription. These apps come handy for a user to access, draft and design on-the-go from virtually anywhere, any device.

One of the most promising features of AutoCAD 2021 is the new Drawing History feature. This enables a user to access drawing workflows, and trace the evolution of those drawings right to the beginning. With the help of Drawing compare feature, we now have the option of enclosing external references (Xrefs) to a drawing. AutoCAD 2021 offers improved Graphics performance, enabling a user to stay connected to their block content at all times.


Being the user friendly software, the latest versions of AutoCAD are integrated with Google Drive. A user just needs to input their Autodesk ID on their AutoCAD web app, and in turn can open/ edit/ save any drawing located on the Google Drive. We have multiple options in Autodesk web and mobile apps. The most common ones are option to view, option to edit and option to save Drawing files and Xrefs on the Autodesk’s cloud. Best advantage of having multiple options is that we can work remotely.


Marcus O’Brien, Director of AutoCAD product management says, “Our subscribers will really appreciate what our development teams have been working on to modernize AutoCAD based on their feedback. The new features and enhancements would definitely lead to prompt improvements in efficiency and productivity.


Let’s explore the new features of AutoCAD 2021 in details.

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