How do you know you are getting correct training from your AutoCAD trainer?

Know Authorized AutoCAD Training Center & Certification before joining

How do you know you are getting correct training from your AutoCAD trainer?

Choosing the right training center is as important as choosing the right career. It can either make or mar your career. It’s very important that you get trained from the right trainer. Here we will take a quick look on how to identify the best from the rest for a soaring career. So, Let’s dwell deeper…


Authorized training center (ATC)

To learn from the creators of CAD/CAM tools; Autodesk has authorized training centers (ATC) around the world, which are world class training centers created to fill up the skill gap in the CAD/CAM fields. They are also functioning as a separate business division of Autodesk to provide services to its clients.

It’s best to choose an authorized training centers (ATC) as compared to local training centers for learning CAD/CAM tools. Autodesk grants authority and access to ATC for delivering training to its learning partners.


Authorized, qualified and experienced faculty/instructor

As a best practice Autodesk has made it mandatory to hire only the authorized training instructors who hold certification from Autodesk to impart training through the ATC. Wizcrafter is an ATC best known for its great quality training since the very beginning of its inception.

You can be rest assured that you are getting the best training from your training center if you have the authorized trainers on board.


Superior and world class infrastructure for students

Without the state of the art infrastructure and facilities you will not get the best in class training. So, it becomes imperative that your training center is equipped with the best training facilities to enhance and support your learning.


Liaisoning with industry for knowledge of up trends

The technology is rapidly changing day by day, therefore it becomes necessary that your trainer is updated with the latest trends in CAD/CAM tools. This requires that you keep in touch with the up trends in the industry. Wizcrafter has liaisoning with the renowned companies around the world like  Honda, Hero, United Technologies, Swaraj Mazda and Honeywell etc. making sure that you get the latest knowledge on the trending patterns at your fingertips.


Flexible delivery model

A desirable training center need to have flexibility for delivering training on variety of courses. This helps the learning partners learn at their own pace and as per their convenience. At Wizcrafter we have variety of courses that are being offered in different set up like-

  • Organized group classes
  • Business classes
  • Online visual classes-FLEXILE (to learn anytime and anywhere)
  • College classes
  • Boot camp classes
  • Goal focused classes
  • On demand classes
  • Individual classes
  • Industrial Training and more.


Recognition in the market

Last and probably the most important of all the factors mentioned above is whether the training course you enroll for is valued in the market and recognized by the industry. At Wizcrafter we have partnered with renowned companies as our hiring partners for job and placement support. Our courses are recognized in the market by top companies like – Eicher, Swaraj Mazda, Force Motors, Hero, Honda and many more.




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