Series on AutoCAD 2021 – How to set UNITS || Drawing LIMITS

Units and Drawing Limits

Series on AutoCAD 2021 – How to set UNITS || Drawing LIMITS

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I hope you enjoyed watching our first video on AutoCAD History and Customizing User Interface. With the help of your comments, we have tried our level best to cover all the topics. On top of that, we always aim to use simple terms & language for easy understanding.

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Presenting to you, list of topics covered in the Second Episode of our Video series on AutoCAD 2021.

Setting Units and Limits in AutoCAD

    • Different scale of measurements for Mechanical, Architectural and Civil Branches
    • Opening drawing pallet


    • What is the significance of Units in AutoCAD?
    • What is the Graphical User Interface and Command User Interface in AutoCAD?
      • How to show/hide Menu Bar using Quick Access Toolbar in GUI?
      • How to show/hide Menu Bar using the commands in CUI?
    • Select Units from the Menu Bar>Format>Units or use Alias (UN <Enter>) in CUI
    • Choosing Units for different engineering branches such as Mechanical, Architecture and Civil.
      • Selecting values for Length
      • Precision
      • Insertion Scale
      • Angle and Angle Direction (Clockwise or Anticlockwise)


    • What is the Limits? (For a layman user)
    • Close Adaptive Grid
      • Go to Drafting Settings using Command Alias DS <Enter> in CUI
      • Uncheck “Display Grid Beyond Limits”
    • Zoom in, Zoom out and Pan the grid area
    • Select Limits from the Menu Bar>Format>Drawing Limits or use Alias LIMITS in Command line
    • Set limits from the command line
    • Select ON from the command line to enable Limits


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