News Update for Learning Partners from Autodesk Authorized AutoCAD Training Institute

Authorized AutoCAD Institute

Wizcrafter is an Autodesk Authorized AutoCAD institute in Delhi. We would like to update our learning partners with the latest announcements by Autodesk. These announcements are regarding the product release for the year ahead. From March 25, 2020, Autodesk will be providing a new release of its software called AutoCAD release 2021 for students, educators, and academic institutions. Autodesk Education Community will be responsible for the distribution of new releases to the associated partners.

The license period for all the single-user and multi-user versions of Autodesk software has been revised to 1 year. After the expiry of the license, users will be able to renew their software versions as per the applicable terms. We will make sure that you get the hands-on of all the latest features of AutoCAD. Wizcrafter, an Authorized AutoCAD training institute in Delhi, will be updating all its software licenses to the new release.

Also, to ensure authorized use of Autodesk software, a new verification process has also been put in place globally. For further information in this regard, you may refer to the FAQ page or write to us. However, free Autodesk software and cloud-based services will be made available on acceptance of accompanying terms of service for that product and/or cloud-based service. Autodesk has mandated the limited use of its software. For example, software subject to an educational license should be used for educational purposes only. The use of this software for profit-making purposes is not permitted.

In our continuous endeavor to deliver the best training services. Wizcrafter will be updating all its software to the new license terms. We will request the students to communicate with the center head in case their arises any concern. All our faculty members and students are hereby requested to cooperate while we are updating to the new license terms.

This newsletter is most relevant for all educators, students and academic institutions. Therefore, all the training institutes are requested to take note of the important points of this newsletter.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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