Series on AutoCAD 2021 – AutoCAD History || Customize User Interface

AutoCAD History and Customize User Interface

Series on AutoCAD 2021 – AutoCAD History || Customize User Interface

Today Wizcrafter brings to you the first video of our recently announced series “AutoCAD 2021 for all Level Students”. In our very first attempt, we will teach the AutoCAD History along with Introduction on Customize User Interface. We hope with the help of this series learning AutoCAD will be easy and fun. With little help of ours, you will be able to learn AutoCAD within the comfort of your home. Feel free to air your doubts, concerns, and suggestions. We will be happy to incorporate your suggestions into future videos.


After incorporation your suggestions from last videos, we will begin the session with below mentioned topics.

History of AutoCAD

1. Why do you need to learn AutoCAD?

2. How AutoCAD can help you in your career growth?

3. History of AutoCAD. Who invented it? Why was it needed? Which year it was created?

          3.1. Who was Father of AutoCAD?

          3.2. Who Founded Autodesk?

4. Why is AutoCAD called upgraded version of manual drawing?

Introduction – Welcome Screen

5. How to open AutoCAD on Desktop/Laptop?

6. We will share information on Welcome Screen and its three segments mentioned below. 

          6.1. Get Started Segment – Used for starting the drawing in predefined templates (.DWT file format).

          6.2. Recent Documents Segment.

          6.3. Notifications and Connect Segment.

Introduction – User Interface

7. Start Drawing – Under this topic, we will teach all the below mentioned interface/tools/commands.

          7.1. Drawing Area and View Port.

          7.2. View Port Control.

          7.3. Application Menu Button – New, Open, Save, Save As, etc.

          7.4. Quick Access Toolbar.

          7.5. Workspace-Brief Introduction.

          7.6. Title bar-Software Title.

          7.7. Information Centre.

          7.8. Tabs-Home, Insert, View, Manage, Output options.

          7.9. Panels inside every tab.

          7.10. Ribbons.

          7.11. Managing Tabs, Panels and Ribbons.

          7.12. View Cube.

          7.13. User Coordinate System (UCS).

          7.14. Crosshair and Pick box.

          7.15. Application Status Bar.

          7.16. Navigation Bar-Zoom, Pan options.


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