Why authorized training center is best as compared to local centers ?

Authorized AutoCAD training center in Delhi

Why authorized training center is best as compared to local centers ?

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation but five minutes to ruin it. If you think that you will do things differently.”

                                                                                                              -Warren Buffet


This quote by the world renowned American business man, investor and philanthropist goes well for any brand that aims to create its impact in the market. It takes years of hardship to build a reputation in the market that becomes the face of any brand by which people start recognizing that brand.


About Autodesk


Autodesk is a US based multinational software company that specializes in CAD/CAM software lineup. It was founded on 20th January 1982 and since then (for 37 years) has been at the forefront in developing the solution for computer aided designing and manufacturing. Being in the business for such a long period was filled with hardships and numerous ups and downs but it is this hardship that builds a world renowned reputed organization. We at Wizcrafter are humbled and proud to partner with Autodesk in providing world class training to our learning partners on CAD/CAM software.


Features and Facilities at an Authorized Training Center (ATC)


Being an authorized training center recognized and aided by Autodesk, Wizcrafter is the home of the wizards of CAD. In the competitive market where there are many mushrooming training centers around the world that provide training in CAD/CAM software, it becomes imperative to identify the best ones amongst them. Getting trained from an authorized training center (ATC) like Wizcrafter has its own advantages when compared with the other training centers.


Advantages of training at authorized training center (ATC):

  • Get trained from highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced instructors (authorized by Autodesk).
  • Learn with superior facilities and hi tech class rooms.
  • Opportunity to work upon sample projects for better understanding of real world problems.
  • Courses and certification recognized globally.
  • Flexible courses and delivery model.



Limitations of courses offered at local centers

  • Courses and certification not valued in the market.
  • Inexperienced faculty, not authorized by Autodesk.
  • Ill equipped classrooms lacking the basic infrastructure.
  • Inflexible course duration and delivery model.
  • No sample projects


Additional Advantages of learning from an ATC:

  • Most of the ATC courses are recognized world over by professionals and also by AIA (American Institute of Architects).
  • Validate your product knowledge by getting Autodesk certified through a certification exam at an ATC facility.


You may approach your nearest ATC facility for further details. Wizcrafter is an ATC authorized and recognized by Autodesk and meets all the set standards for providing world class training to its learning partners.



Our Philosophy


You can not build your reputation on what you are going to do

                                                                                                                               Henry Ford


At Wizcrafter we believe in the philosophy once said by an erstwhile business magnet and philanthropist Henry Ford (the founder of Ford Motor Company). We may be new in the business of providing training to our learning partners but our results speaks for itself.


About Us


We have trained more than 10000 students in the gone by 6 years of our association with Autodesk and have plans to rapidly grow as an ATC in the coming years. Our students and clients have applauded our efforts to deliver the best in class training in CAD/CAM software. Besides the training courses we have also delivered services, sales and marketing support to Autodesk customers around the world.

Few renowned technology partners that are closely associated with us are Honda, Hero, United Technologies, Swaraj Mazda and Honeywell etc. All of them are world renowned conglomerates who are leaders in their respective businesses and Wizcrafter is helping them achieve the enormous growth by providing end to end solutions to their problems.


Our Approach and delivery model


Our professional approach has been appreciated time to time by Autodesk personnels. Wizcrafter-ATC has been run as a separate business division to provide services to Autodesk clients. Our courses are customized to meet the need of each individual undergoing training which ensures that you can appropriately choose the course as per your skill level. We have a pool of highly qualified and trained educators who have experience with working on live projects.

For Wizcrafter, clients are the focal point of all the activities and developments. Therefore we have achieved a repeat business rate of 98% from our former clients.




  • Associating with Wizcrafter gives you a never before opportunity to learn CAD/CAM as Autodesk provides self paced, instructor led, customized, online training and certification through the ATC to help you stay on the top in the intensely competitive marketplace.


  • At ATC’s you have the upper hand of being associated with Autodesk for different certification programs. Whereas at local centers you will get inferior facilities and limited knowledge. At local centers, there will not be any practical exposure relevant to the theory classes.


  • The ATCs also provide the job placement support at all times to its learning partners by liasioning with its renowned business partners. A certification from an ATC will help you earn an industry recognized skill set and can get you hired easily.


  • ATC will help you join the elite team of Autodesk certified professionals. You can list your name in the Autodesk certified professional database and use Autodesk certified logo to get noticed from the employers.


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