3d Studio Max [ 3ds Max ]

Duration : 80 Hours
Training Methods : Classroom & Live Sessions

Autodesk 3ds Max


We offer various software’s for modeling infrastructures (Civil 3d) and mechanical parts (Inventor). However, Autodesk developers cater to a lot more. We offer 3ds Max for creating and rendering 3-dimensional models of interior and exterior of households in a virtual environment. It also helps in creating 3D animations and games. It was originally developed by Autodesk’s media and entertainment division. 3ds Max is used by the television industry for developing animated characters, scenes and simulating substances like liquids and their behavior in natural environment. Apart from this, while using 3ds Max for designing and modeling the interior and exterior of buildings, a walk-through animation inside a virtual home can also be created.

Course Objectives


The objective of the course is to provide proficiency in navigating through the 3ds Max software along with the use of different tools available in the application like V Ray, Arion, Lumion and Arnold for rendering the models of objects. Students learn to create 2d shapes in CAD and then convert them to 3d using 3ds Max. We also aim to train you in designing and modeling various aspects of interior and exterior of different buildings using 3ds Max.

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What do you learn from us?

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Course Highlights


Wizcrafter seeks to provide a thorough introduction and expertise in 3ds Max with the help of the following topics:

  • Manipulating objects
  • Learning 2d shapes
  • Conversion from 2d to 3d
  • Modeling 3d assets
  • Poly modeling for real objects
  • Advanced materials
  • Lights, cameras and animations
  • Learn to create and animate virtual environments
  • Render still objects
  • Learn to light up and render the exterior and interiors
Autodesk 3Ds Max Certificate Course

Why Should you do it?

This course aims to provide an extra boost to your career that you may have been looking for. If you harness the power of your imagination and creativity into build designs and models of interior and exterior of a building using 3ds Max, you will go far. After completing this course, you will able to not only design interior and exterior of beautiful homes but also develop various animations like Walk-through.

Why with us?

When you trust us, we will hold of your hand and guide you throughout your training course. Having delivered training to hundreds of students, we know most issues that students usually face in our class room courses. Individual attention is paid to ensure that you feel comfortable during the training course and if you are a working professional, we have tailored online courses for you that you can enroll for from the comfort of your home, any time and anywhere. And if you are keen to learn more, we are there to provide you further training as per requirement.

What about Career?

Having an experience of the 3ds Max software, you can easily build your career in object modeling and rendering, designing animated scenes and creating animated characters for games and even 3d animated movies. You may also be fascinated by the beautiful and serene designs of home interiors and exteriors of a building or house hold and can choose your career accordingly. There are many opportunities available once you get hold of the 3ds Max, we endeavor to guide you to your desired path.

Who can do it?

The power of 3ds Max is not just limited to 3d animation industry but goes beyond into object modeling and rendering as well. Whatever your background is, we will make sure that your aspiration to learn 3ds Max is fulfilled and satisfied. Whether you are a rookie engineer or an experienced professional, our course is tailored as per the student’s need.

Accelerate your Autodesk training

We are Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC). Get trained with knowledgeable instructors in quiet classroom settings utilizing sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world, practical applications. We offer a variety of courses and many, can help you prepare for an Autodesk Certification.

At Wizcrafter (an Autodesk Authorized Training Center), you can:


  • Learn from highly qualified instructors at superior facilities
  • Develop your skills with sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world applications
  • Choose a class at the most appropriate skill level to meet your needs
  • Meet at a time convenient for you, or sign up for custom, on-site training
  • Earn a valuable certificate of completion that’s recognized in your profession
  • Validate your product knowledge by getting Autodesk Certified when you take a certification exam at a participating ATC test delivery facility

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