AutoCAD for Electrical Engineer

Duration : 56 Hours
Training Methods : Classroom & Live Sessions

AutoCAD for Electrical Engineer


AutoCAD Electrical is a software which is dedicated to designing and manipulating electrical circuit diagrams to help designers control and enhance various electrical & electronics systems. It can be viewed as a digital control panel, the maneuvering of which is taught by us. Usage of this software is known to increase electrical productivity and efficiency. This software helps automate various engineering tasks like circuit building, wire numbering and bill creation. AutoCAD electrical contains more than seventy thousand symbols and tools for designing proficient electrical schematics

Course Objectives


Our AutoCAD Electrical course focuses on providing a thorough knowledge on AutoCAD for electrical engineers with intensive training regarding nomenclature, use of symbols (from various libraries), generation and insertion of PLC layout modules and management of PLC database files. We also seal to teach about generating bill of materials, reporting, converting spreadsheets to PLC I/o drawings, component tagging and wire numbering. It further facilitates error-checks and schematic designing through cinematic-quality rendering, three-dimension animation and panel layout model presented visually.

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    What do you learn from us?

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    Course Highlights


    Wizcrafter AutoCAD Electrical course helps students in achieving expertise in AutoCAD electrical through the below mentioned topics and more:


    • Controls design using standards-based drafting and PLC I/O tools
    • Automation of report generation and organization of files and projects
    • Schematic symbol libraries
    • Schematic design tools
    • Compelling visuals and presentations of Panel Layout module
    • Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical
    • Learn to use drawing tools
    • Use of hatch and gradient
    • Learn to use electrical schematics
    • Understand electrical panels
    • Electrical plan project
    • Start Delta starter project
    AutoCAD Electrical internal

    Why should you do it?

    AutoCAD Electrical software is used intensively in various electrical and electronic based industries. It helps in designing electrical symbols, drawing ordering lists, placing relay coils and contractors, drawing necessary schematic diagrams, etc. Overall the software helps increase design efficiency and productivity of Control Designers. It helps reducing cost as it reduces the overall time of production and distribution. It also helps remove design errors through real-time diagnostics of its error-checking feature. Its reporting feature also helps provide accurate data to various members of your organisation in an organised and proficient manner.

    Why with us?

    Wizcrafter, Enrolls the best faculty and seeks to provide robust education and expertise in AutoCAD Electrical to its students. We are officially licensed by Autodesk, USA to provide training and authentic certificate upon completion of this course with us. Our course provides a life-skill and competency for future employability. This course can be learnt from a beginner to expert level depending on your requirement. We offer to tailor it in accordance with your needs and to provide you the best opportunities.

    What about career?

    Goods dependents on electrical circuits are not limited to the electronic or electrical industry anymore. With digitization of almost every product in every industry there is a heavy influence of electrical circuits and therefore control and manipulation of these schematics to achieve highest productivity requires well trained AutoCAD Electrical professionals. Due to constant technological advancements, students equipped with our course can find themselves employed as AutoCAD Electrical Designer in various industries from aerospace, automobile, construction to even consumer goods, telecom and even more in the future.

    Who can do it?

    This course is recommended for people well versed in electrical terminology and especially ones that have working knowledge of AutoCAD software. Professionals with a background in control system designing and electrical domain are keenly observed to be benefited by it.


    However, since Wizcrafter caters to students from all walks of life, we provide education on the basis of prior experience. So, if you don’t have the recommended background, we can provide in-depth knowledge and instruction based on your current knowledge base and requirement.

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    We are Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC). Get trained with knowledgeable instructors in quiet classroom settings utilizing sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world, practical applications. We offer a variety of courses and many, can help you prepare for an Autodesk Certification.

    At Wizcrafter (an Autodesk Authorized Training Center), you can:


    • Learn from highly qualified instructors at superior facilities
    • Develop your skills with sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world applications
    • Choose a class at the most appropriate skill level to meet your needs
    • Meet at a time convenient for you, or sign up for custom, on-site training
    • Earn a valuable certificate of completion that’s recognized in your profession
    • Validate your product knowledge by getting Autodesk Certified when you take a certification exam at a participating ATC test delivery facility

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