Training Methods

Focused and Personalized training for everyone

Learning Methods

Wizcrafter, a renowned CAD center in Delhi, provides customized courses to facilitate all kinds of learning. At Wizcrafter’s AutoCAD training institute, one can choose between a customized course focused on their individual strengths and weaknesses or a generic course set by our competent teachers that focuses on all the basic skills in a group setting.  These settings and courses are negotiable and can be shaped according to individual needs of the student or professional seeking training and counsel under us.

Organized Group Classes

The AutoCAD institute of Wizcrafter offers organized sit-down group Classes which are hands-on training conducted by our expert ….

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Business Classes

Wizcrafter not only provides training to individuals seeking to gain knowledge and experience with us but also provides training …..

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Online Visual Classes-FLEXILE

Online Visual Classes – Flexile also known as OV-F Classes let an individual learn from the comfort of their home. OV – Flexile is unique …….

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College Classes
AutoCAD College Classes

Wizcrafter is the best AutoCAD institute in Delhi and it offers a wide variety of courses and training’s that help prepare students to …..

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Boot Camp Classes

From Insights to Experimentation, leading to Implementation and extending to Innovation – are the Bootcamp Classes …..

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Goal Focused Classes

We at Wizcrafter AutoCAD institute allow our students to seek long term as well as short term goals and cater to all aspirations  …….

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On-Demand Classes

On-Demand Classes are provided by skilled consultants from relevant industries, focusing on the needs of the market ….

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Individual Classes

Wizcrafter’s AutoCAD training institute has individual focused training methods which enable tailor-made training programs …..

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Industrial Training & Classes

Industry Training and Classes offered at Wizcrafter prepares students to undertake a larger commitment of being a utility to …….

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