Student’s Lounge

A page that addresses all their needs and requirements

Student's Lounge

Thank you for choosing Wizcrafter, the best AutoCAD institute in Delhi. We welcome students to the lounge. This space is created to provide students with a page that addresses all their needs and requirements. Please feel free to make the best use of this space by posting queries and browsing through the topics provided.

Certificate Verification

This segment enables students to check and verify their certificates online at any time. Students just need to provide their Unique Identification Number and this segment would verify the authenticity of their certificate.

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Interpret Online Certificate?

Student’s certificates are provided on completion of their course which contains name of the student, name of the course, the topics covered and a QR code to prove the authenticity of the certificate.

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Exclusive Card

Wizcrafter offers an exclusive card that provides easy access and added benefits and concessions to the students. Wizcrafter offers this advantage to each individual student.

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Student Deliverables

At Wizcrafter, each student is provided with an enrollment kit which contains essential know-how for navigating through our campus and courses.....

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