Autodesk Inventor

Duration : 80 Hours
Training Methods : Classroom & Live Sessions



Autodesk Inventor is 3-dimensional-CAD (Computer Aided Designing) software for mechanical engineers that help them design mechanical parts and prototypes. One can also perform stress analysis of the mechanical assembly by checking its load bearing capacity, friction loads and can also see the simulations of the assembly working in a real-world scenario. We can help identify high vibration areas and high stress areas that may limit the mechanical part’s capabilities in real world. Students can even modify the size and placement of motor in mechanical body to ensure deliverance of maximum efficiency. Autodesk Inventor immensely expands and widens a student’s design idea of the prototype.

Course Objectives


The course provides students with professional level knowledge of designing, simulations, analysis and documentation of the mechanical prototype. You are trained to build parts and assemblies, and document them for future understanding. The training course assists in drawing and sketching parts using tools in DWG (drawing) file format. Other areas in which Inventor can be useful is as follows:


  • Plastic part design
  • Complex assembly design
  • Free form modeling and shape creation


This is just an indicative list of applications of Inventor

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    Course Highlights


    The following and more topics are covered in the above course:


    • User Interface and Navigation
      • Inventor workflow
      • Sketching
      • Modifying sketch geometry
    • Advanced Modeling
      • Projecting and importing geometry
      • Modeling parts
      • Creating patterns
      • Creating sculpted objects
    • Assembly Modeling
      • Adding parts to an assembly
      • Enhancing design with visualization techniques
    • Creating drawing views
      • Creating basic annotations
      • Understanding of user interface of Autodesk Inventor
      • Modification of sketch using powerful tools
      • Modifying and managing assembly efficiently
    • Transferring sketch into a 3d body
    • Method of adding essential annotations such as hole info, text dimension, weld info, surface info, etc.

    Why Should you do it?

    If you have a spark in you, to visualize and create beautiful, elegant and yet efficient designs then this course helps realizing your dreams by giving you an edge over others. You can design, validate, analyze and simulate your creative design ideas in a virtual environment. Autodesk Inventor offers different modeling modes like free form, parametric and direct modeling modes that will help you create efficient designs of mechanical parts.

    Why with us?

    Equipped with modern facilities, we offer training that is customized for each individual. Going one step ahead from the traditional methods of pedagogy we also offer online classes for professionals who are too busy to attend the group classes. We call it Online Visual Classes – “Flexile”, it lets you learn the concepts from the comfort of your home. The sessions are recorded and published for your ready reference anywhere and anytime.

    What about Career?

    There are number of features in Autodesk Inventor that can be learned and mastered upon to build your career as a professional adept in Inventor. With the help from people who have worked upon Inventor, we liaison with you as per your interest and strengths to build your career in a field of your interest.

    Who can do it?

    Our curriculum is designed and customized to meet the individual’s needs. So, whether you are an ITI holder or an experienced professional engineer, the course will help you understand from the basics to the advanced levels of the techniques available in Inventor. We take you from the start of the navigating through the Inventor interface all the way into the depths of sketching, modeling parts and creating sculpted objects.

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    • Learn from highly qualified instructors at superior facilities
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    • Meet at a time convenient for you, or sign up for custom, on-site training
    • Earn a valuable certificate of completion that’s recognized in your profession
    • Validate your product knowledge by getting Autodesk Certified when you take a certification exam at a participating ATC test delivery facility

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