Student Deliverables

Enrollment kit for students

Student Deliverables

At Wizcrafter, each student receives an enrollment kit containing a pen, notebook, subscription to a genuine software for three years, exclusive card, the course summary brochure, unique ID and a project workbook. We also provide a valid and authentic digital certificate on course completion. We further provide placement assistance to all our students and have a competent a student help desk available 24 x 7 for the students under our care, guidance and mentor-ship.

Notepad & Pen
NotePad & Pen
Software Deliverable
Genuine Software
Exclusive Card-Combine
Exclusive Card
WizCrafter Brochure AutoCAD
Course Brochure
Unique ID
Unique ID
Project Work Book

Wizcrafter Exclusive Card is provided as a complimentary service from us. Exclusive card will be sent to the student’s address in record within 2 weeks from date of application.

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