Autodesk CIVIL 3D

Duration : 80 Hours
Training Methods : Classroom & Live Sessions

Civil 3d


Civil 3d is CAD (Computer Aided Designing) software used by civil engineers for designing and modeling infrastructure digitally. Students well trained in Civil 3d can design the model of land features like water bodies and infrastructures built in that area. This model can be further redesigned to include new buildings or other structures. This helps in highlighting the effect of remodeling in the new design. Civil 3D CAD software helps civil engineers starting from survey to design of structures.

Course Objectives


This course is designed for students who are keen to learn the designing aspect of civil structures and their impact on civilization. For example, one can learn road development, traffic lights and thereby learn their impact on transportation in that area. Further, construction of dams, canals, highway, flyovers, etc, can also be examples of what can be designed under this software. All the design process is taught on a virtual platform using Civil 3d CAD software. We teach how to design the structures and later conduct an impact analysis.

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What do you learn from us?

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Course Highlights


Our course covers everything from the basics to expertise in the software. Salient features of the software covered by us are as follows:


  • Navigating through the Civil 3d Interface
  • Using point group and description keys
  • Importing survey data
  • Creating and analyzing surfaces
  • Creating parcels
  • Working with alignments
  • Working with profile and profile views
  • Working with assemblies and sub assemblies
  • Creating basic and advanced corridors
  • Making sample lines, cross sections and section views
  • Creating a pipe network
  • Understanding pressure parts
  • Creating and editing grading objects
  • Sharing and referencing data
  • Computer aided land survey
  • Transportation design
  • Report generation
  • Pipe layout, Plotting

Why Should you do it?

Learning about Civil 3D helps understanding the basics of digital survey, the design and even analysis of the structures surrounding us. Students learn about site layout designing and construction from beginner to expert level. This course helps fuel your career in civil engineering and in implementation of huge projects be it big city infrastructure projects or designing of buildings and residential projects

Why with us?

We do not just teach but “train” our students in building designing, digital survey of sites and planning of other infrastructure projects, etc, through a thorough hands on experience of the Civil 3d software. Wizcrafter provides you the opportunities to explore the full potential of the Civil 3d CAD software. Our teaching and training methodologies differentiate us from the rest. We believe in learning by experience and seek to help you understand and adopt the best practices in the industry.

What about Career?

As the legends say about any rewarding career, “Do what you love and love what you do”. The same holds true here, except the fact that we can help you find your calling. There is a huge and a variety of career opportunities in Civil 3d. There are different fields like, building design, transportation planning, pipe layout, land survey, etc, where you can build your career

Who can do it?

Usually this course is recommended for Civil Engineers, but this is not so in Wizcrafter. Anyone, fascinated with marvelous Civil Engineering creations around us, can think of enrolling for this course. We endeavor to guide, help and assist you according to your experience. Your comfort in learning from us, irrespective of your background, is our priority.

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