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Online Tutorial Assignments

Why do we need to practice using CAD Assessment and online assignment?

The answer to the question given above is another question. What’s the difference between an ace athlete and a mediocre one? Generally, there is nothing extraordinary about the ace athlete except the hours of practice they do. Your mentor will guide you with tips and tricks of the game but to master them is your call. Furthermore, at Wizcrafter we understand what it takes to be a champion, whether in AutoCAD or otherwise. You can not learn swimming without jumping into the water.


Practice & Learn


So, Wizcrafter has the practice and learns philosophy for learning any new technology. To help you master the tips and tricks of AutoCAD 2021, we present a CAD assessment corner where you can assess your knowledge. Here you can apply the concepts you learn in our free video tutorials on YouTube. All that you need to do is fill up a short form with your name, contact, and email address. Subsequently, we will e-mail you the AutoCAD assignment that you can practice at home.


The AutoCAD assignment has a scientific approach to learning. Here, we use a step by step technique to enhance your learning. We are trying to make AutoCAD learning easy and accessible to all with the help of CAD Assessment.

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Email us your doubts about the online assignment.


The online assignment that you will get through e-mail will help you get the extra edge over others. We request you to log your doubts and send them through e-mail to your mentor. Next, your mentor will help you with doubts about the online assignment. He will either answer your e-mail or create a video on YouTube taking all the doubts from the online assignments.


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Wishing you happy learning with Wizcrafter.

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