Reverse Engineering

Duration : 40 Hours
Training Methods : Classroom & Live Sessions

Reverse Engineering


Reverse Enginnering is the process of understanding the components of a mechanical object to see how it has been made. After an object has been dismantled or taken apart, we try to understand how its different components fit together and coalesce together to work as a single entity. It is possible to do reverse engineering using Autodesk Inventor or Fusion 360, here we gather the old data of the 2D or 3D model of the components to create the new comprehensive model of all the components of the mechanical object. After this we can fit together the components in the Inventor or Fusion 360 to get back the exact model of the mechanical object that was taken apart.

Course Objectives


The objective of the course is to take you through the development of 2D or 3D model of the components of a mechanical object and recreating the model of the whole entity using CAD software like Inventor and Fusion 360. This course will equip you with the knowledge of Reverse Engineering workflows of CAD software like Inventor, which is a new functionality available only in Inventor 2017 onward versions.

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    What do you learn from us?

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    Course Highlights


    Salient features of the above program Reverse Engineering taught by us are as follows:


    • Understand basic reverse-engineering workflows of Inventor
    • Understand mesh modeling, geometry capturing, and DWG underlay
    • Understand how to use Repair Environment and Construction Environment efficiently
    • Understand how to rebuild the model as the original designer

    Why Should you do it?

    Until recently the concept of reverse engineering was handled without the help of any software. But then comes Inventor 2017 that offers workflows for handling all the reverse engineering activities. With the advancement in computer technology, we will be able to harness the power of automation using CAD software like Inventor for reverse engineering activities.

    Why with us?

    Wizcrafter is a leading and fast growing CAD/CAM training institute in India. Heading the uptrend in the CAD CAM training, with our highly skilled trainers and committed team of professionals, we assure world class delivery of training to our learning partners. Located in Delhi’s prime location we have world class infrastructure required for delivering a never before experience in CAD/CAM training.

    What about Career?

    Reverse Engineering has huge career opportunities for Mechanical Engineering enthusiasts who like to dismantle objects to understand how its components fit together or for those who love to reassemble a dismantled object. After learning from this course, the associate can find career opportunities in core engineering firms that are using Reverse Engineering practices for developing new products.

    Who can do it?

    There is no prerequisite qualification required for enrolling in this training course. Its captivating to see how the components of a mechanical object fit together to work as a single entity, If you take interest in such an exercise, then you should definitely enroll for this course as you will find it really engrossing how we can disassemble and reassemble objects using CAD software.

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