Business Classes

Consultations and solutions with on-site training

Business Classes (Training for Corporate)

Wizcrafter not only provides training to individuals seeking to gain knowledge and experience with us but also provides training consultations and solutions and even on-site training to staff at various corporate under our Business Classes method of education. As staying updated and incorporating latest technological advancements is essential to thrive in this competitive age, we provide tangible training solutions and help make business teams proactive in their work plan and execution. The highly experienced and professional team of Wizcrafter has successfully helped a variety of corporate cultures by seamlessly determining their training requirements, mode of delivery and infrastructural requirements. Key types of our Business Classes are as follows:

Custom-build Business Classes :-

Since one shoe never fits all, we at Wizcrafter seek to provide all the training details in a customizable format which covers the duration, schedule, course material and most importantly provides the guidance of an expert trainer

Analytics Based Business Classes :-

The above is a course based on Analytics. The contents of the above are designed under advisement and supervision of expert professionals from the relevant industries that focus on the current needs of the market.

Hands-on Classes :-

Under this course, all training can be done via live screen sharing from Wizcrafter Trainer to Company trainees through Screen Sharing software’s. This is an effective option for a quick training or a follow up session with the trainees where no elaborate structure is required for conduction of classes.

Across the globe, Best training solutions :-

Wizcrafter caters to students and professionals worldwide and as such its global presence and experienced trainers are revered amongst technological education industry. Businesses from public sector to private conglomerates are being trained by the experienced personnel from the best AutoCAD institute in Delhi.

Some unique features of Organized Group Classes are as follows:

  • Comfortable setting of the corporate itself or a large built-up area at our campus which accommodates multiple students
  • Maintaining a batch size as per business requirements
  • Customizable course material and schedule as per business requirements
  • Expert instructors available on screens and in business offices
  • Providing skill set and training to employees to improve their productivity
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