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The Regular and Weekend Programs

How is Wizcrafter Institute different from other programs?

Our Regular & Weekend programs feature preparatory skills support, an in-class immersive experience, and two months of dedicated career counseling.


Pre-Work: 2 days, depending on experience and skills

Full-Time Immersive: 8 Weeks

Part-Time Immersive: 12 Weeks

Career Support: 8 Weeks

Wizcrafter Institute blends skill building with network growth. Our curriculum is informed by industry demand and the very companies looking to grow their teams, while instructors are industry-practitioners, sharing the strategies, tools, designs and resources they use in their work each day. At the same time, you’ll participate in a cross-disciplinary project, working on-site at one of our partner companies to solve a real challenge for their organization. You’ll build relationships with the innovators who are doing the work and the hiring managers who are looking for new talent.

We offer Six ways: Mechanical CAD, Civil CAD, Architectural CAD, Electrical CAD, Interior Designing and Project Management. Our Core Curriculum brings all Six Ways together for group projects, career skills workshops and Design Competitions, while individuals engage with staff one-on-one for personalized career mentor-ship.

The in-class immersive culminates with our signature Design Expo: an event designed to showcase our Trainee Performance in front of a room full of CEOs and hiring managers. You’ll take the stage to pitch your own story of growth, ambition, hustle, and agility—in 60 seconds—to this talent-hungry audience, before joining the energized crowd to network and schedule interviews.

Once your immersive program ends, you’ll continue to have weekly check-ins with our team for another eight weeks. We’ll continue to offer career counseling and job search guidance to support you in reaching your career goals.

You’ll also join the ranks of our extensive community of about 1,700 alumni, doing great work at companies around the globe. We’re here to support your lifelong career growth with mentorship, specialized programming, and networking events to help you build new connections and find your next steps.

To learn more about what makes us different from other programs, check out the reviews from our alumni.

Is Wizcrafter Institute a ``founder institute``?


We are not a institute for people who want to found startups. We train action-oriented people who want to build careers they love in innovative companies—we take this mission very seriously, and we do not want to distract from it. If your goal is to start your own company upon graduating Startup Institute, you will not find what you’re looking for in our program, as lessons and workshops are focused on supporting the growth of people who are working to change or advance their careers at existing companies in the tech sector.

If you are a founder, we’d love to be in touch about partnership opportunities so you can find the talent your company needs to scale. Check out our hiring partner page, and reach out to us when you’re ready to grow.

How is the weekends program different from the regular program?


The weekends program offers the same curriculum and networking opportunities as our regular program. The difference is in the timeframe and structure that this curriculum is distributed. Our regular program is our signature product. It’s an immersive and transformative experience for those who want to gain new skills and re-enter the workforce quickly. Classes meet for eight weeks, five days a week. You should expect a 10-20 hour/ week commitment—you will have enough time to work a full-time job at the same time as you complete the regular program. Our weekends program offers working professionals all the benefits of our regular program without having to quit their job. Classes meet for twelve weeks, two evenings per week, plus every Saturdays and Sundays a month. You’ll complete the same curriculum as the Regular program, but over a longer period of time.

How do you decide what (and how) to teach?


Our curriculum is always changing according to student feedback and industry needs.

Curriculum is designed to target the in-demand skills and mindset that top business executives and hiring managers are looking for. We ask our partners what they are looking for in new hires and continue to build on these requirements. You’ll complete a weekly survey reviewing your experience so that we can be sure we’re addressing your individual needs. We also use this data to inform planning for our next group of students.

Who are the instructors?

aYour instructors are Practitioners and entrepreneurs from the innovation sector and they all are equipped with Autodesk Certified Instructor, Certified Professional, and Certified Specialist Certifications. They come to you with a range of perspectives, experiences, techniques, specialties, and tools. Many instructors come from our partner companies and are actively scoping our cohorts, seeking new hires.

How many people will be in my Group?

aWe cap our Group at 6 people to maintain the intimacy of the group and to ensure that our program participants receive the highest quality experience. Numbers will vary based on the individual students who are accepted into the program each session.

How many people have been through the program?

aWe have about 1,700 alumni worldwide. Let us know if you’re interested in speaking to one of them and we’d be happy to connect you. You can also find many of them on LinkedIn by doing a search for “Wizcrafter Institute.” If you’re interested in our program, we recommend that you talk to alumni and read their reviews to make sure we’ll be the right fit for your career goals.

Do I have to quit my job?

mYou will able to work a full-time job while participating in our signature, Regular program. Our weekends program offers the same curriculum as regular, but meets at nights and on weekends, allowing you to continue to work. No matter which program is right for you, we recommend that you keep some flexibility in your schedule on weeknights because there will be valuable networking opportunities that you won’t want to miss.

How do I find out more information about what's happening at Wizcrafter Institute?

mYou will able to work a full-time job while participating in our signature, Regular program. Our weekends program offers the same curriculum as regular, but meets at nights and on weekends, allowing you to continue to work. No matter which program is right for you, we recommend that you keep some flexibility in your schedule on weeknights because there will be valuable networking opportunities that you won’t want to miss.

After Your Program

If I am seeking a new role, will I get hired by the time the program ends?


We don’t make promises about when you will get a job, but our numbers speak for themselves. A handful of our students accept job offers before completing the program, and 92% have new jobs within 100 days of completing the program, and 76% within 60 days. While we do not schedule interviews on your behalf, we do support your job search efforts—during and post-program—through mentor sessions and warm introductions to the people you need to know to get to the interview.

How does Wizcrafter Institute support graduates of the Regular and Weekend programs?


Included in your Regular and Weekend program is eight weeks of post-Completion career support.

Whether you’re seeking a new career after completion or are looking to advance within your current organization, we’ll provide the coaching you need to stay on-track with these goals. Throughout the program, you’ll participate in workshops centered around negotiation skills and etiquette. You’ll also receive weekly personalized mentorship to discuss your goals and develop action plans to achieve them. Then, once you Certified, you’ll continue to have the dedicated efforts of team at your disposal for an additional eight weeks, offering résumé review, advising you as you negotiate salary or a raise, making warm introductions, or simply as a sounding board as you navigate challenges.

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