Revit Architecture

Duration : 80 Hours
Training Methods : Classroom & Live Sessions

Autodesk Revit Architecture


Autodesk Revit Architecture is powerful architecture design and documentation software used by architects. It supports Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow for designing buildings. Here the information on building design is stored in interconnected modules so that any changes that you make in one module are automatically reflected wherever it is making an impact in building design. This will ensure consistency in the design. An engineer can analyze building stability and performance over time also using Revit Architecture. Autodesk Revit Architecture is used by architects and students of architects to get a real-world feel of building design.

Course Objectives


You will get a preview of Revit architecture software, its interface, and other details through this course. The course will train you in Building Design and modeling using BIM workflow. Not just new but you will be able to recreate old buildings too using this software. You will also be taught how to design the walls, windows, and roofs, etc.

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    Course Highlights


    Salient features of the above software Revit Architecture taught by us are as follows:


    • Building Information Modeling
    • Exploring through the product’s Interface
    • Working with families and Revit components
    • Conceptual modeling and massing environment
    • Presenting the building model
    • Creating railing and stairs
    • Adding walls, windows, and roof
    • Managing view and schedules
    • Managing documentation
    • Controlling the visibility of objects

    Why Should you do it?

    This course covers the basics of advanced level training in building design and construction modeling. Through this software, you can build high quality and stable structures. The course is particularly useful for architects and engineers as they can model and remodel the design of a building in this software, ensuring the build of a perfect structure.

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    We deliver the best in the industry training with individual attention to students. Our committed team of professionals will ensure that your investment of time and money does not go waste. Our work speaks for itself, you may spare some time to read the reviews by students who have already trained with us. We also provide industrial training to young professionals for 4-6 weeks or 6 months. This lets you understand the actual setup and live experience of working patterns in the industry.

    What about Career?

    Whether you are an architect or a building engineer, this course will help you understand the nuances of building design and help you build your career. The rest will be taken care of by us, we will help you find the perfect job for you in the market as we have an active placement cell. The cell will guide you to give the direction to your career so that your skills remain relevant for the market needs.

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    Our training caters to the need of both types of students be it a newbie or an experienced professional. It is designed to help you from basics to the professional level of training. If you doubt whether you can leverage or not the full potential of the course, then we request you to stop by at our center and spend some candid time with us, we will take care of your concerns and will guide you through the darkness you see along your career path.

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