Online Visual Classes-FLEXILE

Accessible anytime, anywhere with no geographical barriers

Online Visual Classes – Flexile

Online Visual Classes – Flexile also known as OV-F Classes let an individual learn from the comfort of their home. OV – Flexile is unique because it provides students an individual focused one-on-one training with an added benefit of a full flexibility in schedule (four hours and weekend options are available.)

Online Visual Classes – Flexile is one of the most feasible solutions for individuals and professionals looking forward upgrade their skill set. This method of education is accessible anytime and anywhere with no geographical barriers as long as there is internet connectivity. Adjunct to these advantages, online training also saves travelling time, lodging and other expenses while staying abreast with the latest technological trends and adding a considerable skill set at the same time. Some of the considerable advantages of the above classes are as follows:

Work-Life Balance :-

Better maintenance of work-life balance with the option of scheduling weekend batches. This method of education provided at Wizcrafter’s CAD centre in Delhi, supports the acquisition of a valuable skill set while managing personal and social accountability and commitments without compromise.

Easy Updation :-

A key advantage of the OV-F training is that all the sessions are recorded and published for reference at any time and any number of times. In case an individual missed a session, the inputs shared by the trainer and the queries raised by the participants can be easily caught up with.

Customized Training :-

Since the course is individual focused, it caters to the unique specifications of each individual sitting at their remote location. The course curriculum and schedule can be customized to meet individual training parameters.

On-Demand Training :-

In a customized course, the individual is provided an option to completely tailor their training path. Individual enjoys the liberty of marking their own schedule, learning pace, topics to be covered, and also choose their exclusive dedicated mentor.

Some unique features of Online Visual Classes – FLEXILE are as follows:

  • Live Instructor LED Training
  • Certified Experts as Instructor
  • Official Curriculum and course material
  • 24 x 7 Round the Clock availability
  • Remote Lab Assess
  • Flexible dates and timings as per individual needs
  • Weekly Doubt Session
  • Optimum solution for busy professionals who struggle with travel or time required for an organized group setting.
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