Industrial Training and Classes

Prepares students to undertake a larger commitment of being a utility to their employers

Industrial Training and Classes

Industry Training and Classes offered at Wizcrafter prepares students to undertake a larger commitment of being a utility to their future employers. We provide short term (four to six weeks) industrial training’s and long term (six months) industrial classes and training programs. Wizcrafter’s AutoCAD training institute recommends their certification courses for their high content quality and their worldwide recognition.

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    Key features of our Industrial Training Programs are as follows:

    Recognised Training Partner :-

    Wizcrafter is the Recognised as a Training Partner of many industrial leaders. We equip students with our official curriculum and current market trends to set them apart from others and imbibe professionalism in students to make them industry ready.

    Experienced Trainers and Industry Experts : -

    As recognised training partners of several organizations, students are guided by industry-certified and experienced trainers. Our instructors have broad field experience and great consultancy skills which are imparted to students through building appropriate base knowledge and providing practical examples.

    Curriculum Shaped to Industry Standards :-

    Industrial Trainings are a requirement in most professional courses because only theoretical study of a subject does not prepare a student for a practical work experience in the industry. We at Wizcrafter seek to provide students the practical experience required to be functional and efficient in the industry.

    Anytime Learning :-

    Wizcrafter recognises the need of easy accessible course material and provides easy and online accessible material to facilitate learning round the clock. Students can revisit and equip themselves with ready knowledge provided by the various course materials and State-of-the-Art Lab Access.

    Some unique features of Industrial Training & Classes are as follows:

    • Comfortable setting with large built-up area to accommodate multiple students
    • State-of-Art infrastructure with latest equipment’s, modern amenities and teaching aids for example virtual reality sessions and live 3-D printers
    • Dedicated Student Helpdesk available for any assistance and guidance
    • Unlimited access to our State-of-the-Art Laboratories for experience and hands-on practice
    • Trained by industry experts
    • Course content of the highest quality
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