Organized Group Classes ( Classroom )

Hands-on training conducted by our expert instructors

Organized Group Classes (Training in Classrooms)

The AutoCAD institute of Wizcrafter offers organized sit-down group classes which are hands-on training conducted by our expert instructors. Wizcrafter provides face-to-face classroom like training to students from all over the world. Our CAD courses in the above education method include teaching all training related services from software updates and software installation to concept designing. Students and professionals that thrive in a classroom setting including in-class discussions, group assignments, social interaction and peer learning are advised to enroll themselves in our Organized Group Classes for in-class training in accordance with each course’s eligibility criteria. Some of the advantages of our Organized Group Classes are as follows:

Batch Strength :-

We at Wizcrafter, the best AutoCAD institute in Delhi, seek to provide maximum attention and care to students enrolled with us. We focus on smaller batch sizes that allow our experienced trainers to gauge the current skill level of each attendee and elevate it accordingly with measured pace of training in conformation with the individual’s base and understanding.

Focal Point Approach :-

The key benefit of a small batch in an organized class is the optimum utilization of the experienced trainer. Experienced trainers conducting our AutoCAD courses in Delhi provide a focal point approach to attentive students enrolled in their class. Our expert trainers are adept in classroom teaching and training. They utilize visual cues such as body language to identify doubts and problem areas of individual students and therefore facilitate students in knowledge building and individualistic goal alignment.

Robust Learning Environment :-

Organized Group Classes help students to meet and interact with like-minded individuals with similar professional interests. It offers the benefit of structured learning which helps the students stay focused while gaining knowledge and learning from the experiences of their peers.

Quicker Problem Solving :-

The organized setting of an interactive session containing practical examples, exercises and project based learning builds teamwork while facilitating creative solutions through brainstorming sessions that lead to quick and efficient problem solving.

24 x 7 Learning :-

Time is no bar at Wizcrafter. Our AutoCAD institute provides study material, training videos, sample assessments, mock tests, etc., to help in evaluation and improvisation of learning round the clock

Organized group classes at our CAD centre in Delhi have proven to be a splendid learning experience for students and professionals since they interact and socialize with students and professionals from all walks of life worldwide.

Setup primarily for a crowd that believes in excellence, AutoCAD training at Wizcrafter offers a high level of comfort and satisfaction. We employ more than three hundred professionally qualified trainers and a hospitable team of support staff to ensure the quality and delivery of content and a robust training program during and even after the course duration.

Alternative to the organized group classes, students can also avail an Individual Classes at our CAD centre in Delhi. These are primarily customized training programs that are designed as per individualistic needs of each student wherein the student gets focused interaction and training from a dedicated trainer.

Some unique features of Organized Group Classes are as follows:

  • Comfortable setting with large built-up area to accommodate multiple students
  • State-of-Art infrastructure with latest equipment’s, modern amenities and teaching aids for example virtual reality sessions and live 3-D printers
  • Dedicated Student Helpdesk available for any assistance and guidance
  • Maintaining a small batch size
  • Facilitating the theory sessions with visual cues for better understanding.
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