Interior Designing

Creating beautiful designs for interiors of houses,building and structures

What is it?


Interior Designers carve shapes and provide faces of beauty in structures of our world through artistic, pragmatic and wholesome designs and solutions. Interior Designing courses enable students or professionals to create beautiful, economic and practical space designing solutions in varied external settings using multiple software’s and designing tools. We, at Wizcrafter, use licensed software programs to help students and professionals to create, define, communicate and build their desired design of interior space in 2D or 3D image form or film/virtual tour form giving importance to not just the aesthetic value but also the space management as per individual users.


Our CAD course in Delhi offers the students and professionals the necessary tools for designing aspects via licensed platforms of AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, 3DS Max, SketchUp, etc.

Who can do these courses?

These courses are recommended for students of architectural design and civil engineering as well for procurement of a coveted skill set for art students proficient in technology.

Hand Sketching Program

Interior designers realize the elements of their imagination through the sketching programs. Our creativity is best…

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3d Modelling Program

3D modeling programs help you design your home and office interior spaces as per your needs and preferences…

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Rendering Program

Rendering programs allow visualization of interior design models with different color schemes, wall papers…

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Where is it useful? Why should you do it?


Wizcrafter, the best AutoCAD institute in Delhi, recommends its Interior designing AutoCAD course as the same is a requirement in modern interior decoration firms, architectural firms, construction and infrastructure based companies and also for individual consultancy professionals. Skills learnt under Interior Designing courses help designers to create structural design and analyze model buildings using the basic components of walls and a foundation, to draw shapes and lines turning them into 3D forms quickly and accurately, to create models, animations and renders of any design which help in visual simulation and projection.


A rapid increase in demand for professional Interior Designers has been observed lately as they provide the best possible designs not only in terms of functionality, technical know-how and economic resourcefulness but also reflecting artistic capabilities, individual comfort level and even spirituality in their designs of various spaces. Further, Interior Designing is now prevalent in not only decoration and designing of residential structures but also other interior spaces like commercial, corporate & professional offices, hospitality buildings, retail facilities along with restoration & adaptive reuse of historical structures.


What can you expect as a career after the course?

Our Interior Designing courses are useful to become professionals in design firms, architectural firms, freelance Interior Designers or even in-house designers in construction and infrastructure industries.


What can you expect as a career after the course?

Our Interior Designing courses are useful to become professionals in design firms, architectural firms, freelance Interior Designers or even in-house designers in construction and infrastructure industries.

How much can you earn?


The salary range depends on your level of proficiency and experience. Starting salary for an Interior Designing Professional is upto Rs. 2.4 lakhs per annum in India and about $22,500 per annum abroad. For experienced Interior Designer, the average salary is between approximately 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum in India and about $26,000 to $32,000 per annum abroad. At their very best, Senior Interior Designer are capable of earning upwards of 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum in India and about $50,000 or so per annum abroad.

What do you learn from us?

Find out more about our courses and what we can offer you. Download our course information.

Wizcrafter, the CAD training institute in Delhi, offers practical and comprehensive training under various topics. Interior Designing courses offered by us include practical training in fundamental components of:

  • Environmental Control
  • Ergonomics, and
  • Entrepreneurial Development


The Interior Designing courses involve study and comprehensive training in the following topics:

  • History and Basics of Interior Design
  • Orthographic, Isometric & Perspective Projections
  • Elements of Design
  • Role of Interior Designer
  • Final Design Project


We also keenly follow the following sub-topics and they are covered extensively during our training:

  • Concept Sketching
  • Creating Prototypes
  • 2d Design and Drafting
  • 3d Modelling
  • Furniture and Fittings in Interiors
  • Landspacing and Planning the Live Space
  • Wooden Work, etc

Diploma/Certificate Courses


Our AutoCAD training institute in Delhi offers Professional & Master Diploma Courses in Interior Design including Online Certification Exam verified by Autodesk, USA, for students and professionals that have an interest in creating art from computer programs. The students or professionals undertaking these courses will find it easier if they have an interest in art and a proficiency in use of computer programs.


Please feel free to contact our Technical Assistance Team or Centre Head for any clarifications and further information.


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