Autodesk PowerMill

Duration : 80 Hours
Training Methods : Classroom & Live Sessions

Autodesk PowerMill


PowerMill is a CAM solution by Autodesk for developing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programs for automating the machining and manufacturing process. PowerMill takes CAD/CAM design as input and develops a CNC program that controls the machines for crafting the work piece. More than 15000 firms depend on PowerMill for automating 2,3 and 5 axis machining processes. With  advancements in computers processing power and miniaturization of technology, it has become viable to think of automating the machining process all the more when compared to yesteryear.

Course Objectives


The course is aiming to provide the engineers with understanding of developing the CNC programs for implementing automated machining along with modeling and design in CAM software like PowerMill.


PowerMill when used in conjunction with CAD software like PowerShape can be used to design and model complex parts also, like Molds, Casts and Dies. PowerShape is tightly integrated with PowerMill, so understanding PowerMill will give an upper hand when learning PowerShape.

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    What do you learn from us?

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    Course Highlights


    • Understand the user interface
    • Import a CAD model
    • Define stock
    • Create tools
    • Calculate high quality toolpaths for:-
    • High-efficiency roughing and rest-roughing
    • Semi-finishing and finishing
    • 3-axis and 5-axis programming
    • Make toolpath edits
    • Simulate toolpaths
    • Export NC code
    • Save projects

    Why Should you do it?

    With automation and artificial intelligence powering the latest technology, the scope of automation in manufacturing industry is immense and widespread. To remain relevant for the market requires you to understand the nuances of the new technology. For example all the machining process like drilling, milling etc will get automated but the requirement for engineers who can understand write the CNC programs for controlling machines will increase in future.

    Why with us?

    Wizcrafter is a pre-eminent training institute authorized by CAD/CAM software giant “Autodesk”. Established in 2013, the institute provides top notch facilities. The institute has distinguished faculties and committed team of professionals who believe in delivering the promise of providing world class training to its learning partners. Having trained more than 10000 professionals, the institute has proven its mettle by delivering the promised results to its customers in the Indian market conditions.

    What about career?

    With our career support to our learning partners, we ensure that you get the best viable options to choose from, when you step into the job market. We have a dedicated placement cell who will take care of providing you with all the required support for enhancing your employability. You may also choose to work with us if you like to share what you learned in the course.

    Who can do it?

    From beginners to professional enthusiasts who wish to build their career in providing CAM solution to the manufacturing industry will be encouraged to enroll for this course. However the course has been designed for absolute beginners and as well as for industry veterans. Having an experience in automated machining will be an add on for venturing in the market for better career options.

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