AutoCAD 3d

Duration : 24 Hours
Training Methods : Classroom & Live Sessions

AutoCAD 3d


AutoCAD 3D is a prominent CAD (computer aided designing) software that helps in designing ideas with the help of concepts in digital visual format. It thereby helps in simulation of designs in the real world. Proficiency in this software helps excel in various industries these days. Our course focuses on providing training and expertise for maximum utilization of this software.

Course Objectives


Our course provides knowledge, skills and proficiency in AutoCAD 3D in an easy-to-learn manner. The course involves students from the basics of learning the process of 3D modelling. The course teaches conversion of 2D diagrams into their 3D versions. The course is led by our top instructors and comprises of multiple pragmatic illustrations. This closely monitored course also provides a lot of real-time tips of AutoCAD 3D to its students.

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    What do you learn from us?

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    Course Highlights


    Our course covers everything from the basics to expertise in the software. Salient features of the software covered by us are as follows:


    • Journey towards 3d Modelling Interface
    • Draw, Modify and Organize the Wireframe, Surface and Solid Modelling tools
    • Alter mesh primitives
    • About layer Assignment and object properties
    • Reuse existing Library for home spacing and layouts
    • Creating Section geometry
    • About Lights, Camera & Materials
    • Creation of layouts and viewports
    • Learn about Rendering.

    Why Should you do it?

    AutoCAD 3D software is used in various industries and functions. It is used an architectural planning and design tool, an essential engineering drawing, design and drafting tool, a graphic designing tool, in 3D printing, in fashion design and industry designing at large.

    Why with us?

    Wizcrafter offers professional learning in AutoCAD 3D for various professionals. We provide dedicated teaching staff with the option of customising every course you undertake with us. Our course provides a life-skill and competency for future employability. Learning from Wizcrafter and partaking in this drafting and designing course of AutoCAD 3D is the best way of gaining proficiency in it

    What about Career?

    AutoCAD 3D expert professionals have numerous career paths laid in front of them. These professionals can find work in engineering firms as drafters, in architecture firms as well and any technology company that caters to 3D rendering, modelling and much more. This expertise provides additional skill sets to professionals and prospers their careers.

    Who can do it?

    This course can be taken by students from various fields such as mechanical, architecture, civil, electrical and even interior and graphic design; who wish to learn AutoCAD 3D from its basics to an advanced level. Students working on 2D objects who wish to advance to 3D models of their designs are advised to be adept in this course.

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