Course Perspective & Outline

Such has been a wider engineering field which imbibes the key areas of engineering, physics and material science.

Material Science



The professionals of Mechanical engineering simply design and evaluate mechanical tools, engines and machines which are meant for manufacturing processes. There are present key manufacturing industries which are into Ship Building, Heavy Machines and equipments, Aerospace, Automobiles and so forth and where the need for classic mechanical innovation always remains on top. Likewise, the engineering agencies as well as those into product design also look out for phenomenal mechanical experts at length. The tasks of design and analysis remain so vast and vibrant that such are an integral part of any modern day product design lifecycle. Among these, the common key design targets are:

3D Modeling

2D Design & Drafting


Performance & Safety Analysis

Scope Of Course

Business around the globe largely emphasize upon 3D representations owing to their striking appeal and final resolution. 3D features are surely a step forward to 2D designs since professionals have to maneuver over 3 dimensions. Auto CAD has gained momentum as one of the widely favoured 3D CAD devices in modern day profession. It is mainly because of the fact that there are present scores of built-in features which aid designing artists such as directors and architects to handle every minute task individually and in greater detail. Finally, Auto CAD has been a boon to create immensely outstanding designs with cent percent precision.

Concept Sketching

2D Design and structures

3 D Drafting and Models

Creating Prototypes

Evaluation of Performance and accounting for safety

Mechanical CAD Software Courses

Wizcrafter offers certificate courses for you to master any module or the whole package of the following CAD software products:

Possible Career Paths

Accomplished CAD professionals are widely sought after in fields like manufacturing, heavy industries, locomotives and as marine professionals. Automobile, aeronautical and engineering industries are also one of the prime target areas of such skills.

CAD Acts Centrally

Since accomplished CAD platform is widely in use across industries, hence picking up competitive CAD skills would always underline phenomenal career opportunities and growth. Apparently, any of complicated tasks can be simplified and can be manipulated with speed, accuracy while making each of the jobs as reusable components. Getting CAD certification is indeed a key to glorious career building with productivity galore beyond horizons.

Integrated CADD Training Curriculum

At Wizcrafter, we impart certificate courses to youngsters and thereby assist them in mastering the art of Mechanical CAD Design in the most comprehensive manner with every little details would get covered in regard to CAD software products, as are mentioned below:

In booming global landscape of today, it is worthwhile that expert professionals are widely needed who could manipulate an array of CAD software applications. Industry demands that accomplished mechanical engineers should have sufficient prowess over a multitude of 3D modeling software which are also acknowledged as FEA software which are integrated to target precise job details of the project.

Besides, it has also become vital that youngsters should be proficient in handling any latest range of designing concepts such as Geometric and Tolerance technology (GDT) which is widely regarded  for the purpose of swift technical message transfer,  for prolific adherence to Project Management principles and for the overall maneuver of powerful Project Management Software.   As such, at Wizcrafter, our trainers have culminated various combinations of standard Software and standardized concepts and offer many industry-ready curriculum to study and to excel in career. Let us cast a glance over some of the striking courses and their features:

Diploma Courses

Professional Courses

Master Diploma Courses

Master Diploma in Product Design and Analysis

Such a course is devoted towards product design space and students would get to pick up insightful design engineering concepts and to eventually implement those concepts while they design CAD models and would become proficient in implementing best of the industry practices. Likewise, there are imparted special lessons about how to validate their models through their adeptness in using CAE tools and design for the manufacturing. As a whole, students are exposed to the relishing world of product manufacture lifecycle right from the conceiving of the idea to its subsequent execution.

Minimal Requirements

Such a course is meant for those working in mechanical engineering field and the students of degree and master courses are rightly eligible for it. For further details, please visit out centre and discuss with our renowned technical counsellors or centre In-Charge.

Master Diploma in Automotive Design

Needless to mention but the Automotive industry is evolving at fast pace and it inculcates a need for novel design concepts and where the mastery over latest range of CAD software has become a necessity. For instance, from basic conversion of innovative automotive product ideas into their accomplished images and appealing 3D models to exceptional evaluation of post-production. Such a course is well integrated to incite interest among the youngsters who aspire to gain competence in ever sprawling automotive industry. >>>

Course Requirements

The course is designed for those pratising mechanical engineering while the students of degree or master course program would also be benefitted a lot, once they are through the course. For more career insights, kindly visit our centre and discuss with one of our accomplished career counsellors or Centre head.

Master Diploma in Aerospace Design

In the light of certainty, the aerospace design field has gained immense momentum in recent years, making it a necessity that qualified designers should be sought in abundance. Hence, the curriculum has itself become an evolved schedule of newer topics and concepts, which makes it necessary that premium CAD software should be mastered which pave way for accurate aerospace design. Through expert CAD software practice, appealing blueprints, schematics and with precise arithmetic and logical manipulation, seating arrangements, cargo payload management, its scale, fuel efficiency, planes’ travelling speed, among other things, can easily be manipulated. Students would pick up abounding skills and expertise required for Aerospace designing purpose.

Preliminary Requirements

Such a course is designed for those into mechanical engineering field while students of degree or master level courses are also welcomed. For more details, simply discuss with any of our student assistance representatives at our centre.

Product And Design Analysis Course Professional

Such a course is integrated  to provide education and training about how to draft and model and analyze tools which are widely put into practice in various industries such as Mechanical, Automative, Aerospace and others.

Who Is Eligible For This Course

The course is meant for those into mechanical engineering field while the students at degree or master levels are also being welcomed into it. For further assistance, please discuss your doubts with our technical assistance team or centre head.

Product Design Professional

Such a course is compiled for those who wish to pick up proficiency in product design and students are given first hand training about the concept, both in theory and practice. CAD software implementation is being discussed and students are encouraged to draw out independently to polish their creativity. >>>

Eligibility Criteria

Such a course is conceived for those into mechanical engineering field and the students doing their degree or masters are also given preference. For more career insights, please visit our centre.>>>

Diploma Course in Product Design

Such a course is developed for those who wish to learn product design and how to carry out analysis with a range of seasoned tools. CAD software has emerged on top of the stack while one sets out to design and shape products.

Eligibility Requirements

Such a course is fine tuned for mechanical engineering workforce but then students of degree or master level would also draw much of the career advantage from this. Please feel free to discuss your apprehensions with any of the student support staff member.

Product Design And Analysis Diploma

The topics and theory of this diploma are developed to focus upon key twists and turns which surface while one sets out to develop product and CAD software is integral to it. Such a course enables students with exemplary craftsmanship in handling software tools while crafting product design.

Course Pre-requisite

Such a course is apt for mechanical engineering professionals but then the students doing their graduation or masters are also the considered choice for admission.

Diploma in CAE

Such is a diploma program on Computer Aided Engineering which prepares a mind to become proficient in accomplishing validation process and which is regarded as the most integral part and parcel of product development cycle. Students would gather precise skills in advanced product validation.

Who is eligible?

Needless to mention, but the course is perceived to be of immense worth for those in the mechanical engineering field but then the graduates and master course students would always find the program to be of immense use.

Possible Role, Responsibility And Reputation

Once one is through the course, job assistance is awarded for the posts of Project Engineer / Project Manager/ Project Leader/ Manager- Product Development Lifecycle.